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Dots and Commas

Diary Management Service

What Is This Service?

We answer all of your telephone calls and appointments and directly enter them into your diary. You can even choose to be notified by text or email when an appointment is placed in your diary.

How Does The Service Work?

We provide you with a unique telephone number which you can divert your calls to or simply share your number with your customers, colleagues or friends. You can advertise your number and then allow us to take your messages and appointments and place them in your diary, leaving you free to work on your business instead of on administration tasks or missing potential customers calls and business opportunities.

All calls are answered in your company name.

Does This Service Save Me Money?

Our diary management service saves you time by dealing with all those distracting telephone calls without losing you vital customer contact.

What does this service Cost?

Prices start from £30 per five day week for light-weight users.