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Family Engagement
Family Engagement

Family Engagement Services for Professionals

Red Pressures Family Engagement Services is an exclusive private and confidential service for professionals who’s work life balance is problematic due to the many pressures that we face within our lives today.

Unfortunately, many professionals are already on their second or third marriage and some may have re-constituted families.  Some have unfortunately lost contact with some of their children through no real fault of their own as it can be very difficult to maintain the family’s income streams whilst dealing with family traumas and stress of relationship issues.  Unfortunately, this is a reality thus apportioning blame, and self-criticism can be unproductive, unrealistic and detrimental to moving forward.

Mediation Service for Professionals

This service works with professionals and their family going through relationship disharmony maybe due to separation, divorce, conflict issues, or quite simply, professionals whom are in need of mediation, or simply requiring a little advice, guidance and support. After all, prevention is better than cure is it not!

Red Pressures Contact Service

Our Contact services support families to remain in contact with each other in the short medium and long term.

In this modern day world with cuts and so many additional pressures being placed on professionals to ensure cost effective services whilst potentially facing redundancy brings many strains and pressures upon family life.  Thus making it very difficult to maintain work life balance and without work life balance, the pressures placed upon families can become insurmountable.

Red Pressures works with professional parents to maintain their families and create shared understanding where possible.

Children’s Services

Red Pressures works directly with your children and teenagers to support them through family turmoil, which can strike each and every one of us at any time!

We work with your children on a 1 – 1 or family group basis to enable their wishes and feelings to be known and passed on to you to inform your decision making process.


Red Pressures provides a unique family engagement services bespoke to support your family through those distressing times, back to meaningful and purposeful relationships as modern day families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days!

Red Pressures Family Engagement Services are for proactive professional families who are seeking to progressively work with their family members to reach amicable outcomes or achieve the best realistic outcomes for their children in a safe non-judgmental independent environment.

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